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November 23, 2019

Hello Crafters!

The Friends of the Conant Public Library in Sterling, Massachusetts would like to invite you to participate in our fair to be held on Saturday, November 23, 2019.

The fair will be held in the parish hall of First Church in Sterling.  Our quaint town is located near Routes 2, 12, 140 and Interstate 190, and the church is situated in the town center facing the common.  The timing and location of the fair will capitalize on the town's country setting when holiday shoppers are looking for creative and unique gifts.

The fair is a popular and well-attended event in Sterling.  In recent years, attendance has ranged from 350 – 425 shoppers.  The event will be advertised in various print media and online resources.  Our always popular, crowd-pleasing café will provide a range of comfort food and desserts at affordable prices for both crafters and customers and will be open for breakfast and lunch.

Space will be limited to approximately 24 craftspeople and is available on a first come-first served basis. To minimize competition among our participants and to provide a wide variety of merchandise, we use a rolling jury process and will limit the number of participants in specific categories (i.e. knitting, jewelry, etc.).  We ask you to provide us with a link to your website. However, if you do not have a website and have not been a participant of our fair in the past, please send photos of your items with your registration form or through email to Nancy Billings at

We have space for 20 booths (8' x 8') and 4 booths (8' x 5').  The table size for each space is 8' x 30".  We will provide each booth with a table and two chairs. There is no electricity available for any of the spaces.
The fees are:   8' x 8' booth = $60        8' x 5' booth = $50. 

A registration form is attached. Spaces will not be reserved without payment.

Please return the registration form with your check as soon as possible via USPS mail to:

Craft Fair Application
Friends of the Conant Public Library 
P.O. Box 803 
Sterling, MA 01564

Please feel free to forward the information about our fair to any other craftsperson you know who might be interested in participating.

Best Regards,
The Friends of the Conant Public Library Board


Friends of the Library FAQ
Q. Who are the Friends of the Library?
A. The Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization that supports the Library, its staff and patrons. Members are residents of the surrounding towns who appreciate our Library and care about its future well being.
Q. What do Friends do?
A. Friends raise money through membership dues and various fundraisers in order to purchase equipment and furnishings for the Library, increase the annual book purchase budgets, provide special programs such as the young children's programs and museum passes.
Q. How do Friends raise needed funds?
A. Friends uses a number of vehicles to raise funds. The most important are membership dues from new and renewal memberships and an annual fundraiser.
Q. How can you help?
A. Friends encourages contributing your financial resources through your patron, sponsor or friends membership as tax dollars are not always sufficient to do everything the Library needs to accomplish. But more importantly, Friends needs people to bring their time, talent and ideas to the various committees that do the work of the Friends or volunteer to help for specific activities.
Q. When do the Friends meet?
A. The second Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at the library.

Q. How can I contact the Friends?